Bringing European Plaza style community to
Brisbane & The Bay

Build Community

Good relationships improve mental and physical health.
Belonging and connection to community fosters cooperation,
empathy and tolerance.

Improve Health

Exercise promotes brain plasticity, immunity, better gut health and more creative thinking.
It makes people happier, fitter, and healthier mentally and physically.

Boost Happiness

Happier people are more successful, healthier, calmer and more caring.
They’re more likely to contribute to society, are more productive and have much better relationships

The Bad News…

Our society is struggling with:

Disconnection, Domestic Violence, Polarisation, Loneliness, Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, Youth Crime, Decreasing Life Span, Chronic Ill Health, Intolerance, Despair, Financial Stress, Fear, Suicide and an Aging Population.

These serious issues are causing a huge financial, workload and emotional burden for families, the health care system and society in general.